Friday, September 24, 2004

Amazon launches its search engine

April 15, 2004

Amazon's offers both a Web site and an Internet Explorer toolbar from which users can enter search terms.

The service, in test mode for now, is operated by a Palo Alto, Calif.-based subsidiary and branded separately.

Searches also can be limited to just products -- as well as the text of books available at

A9's service relies heavily on Google, which supplies many of the search results, and Amazon's Alexa subsidiary, which provides traffic, related sites and other information on specific Web sites.

Search results also include text ads from Google's sponsored links program. Alison Diboll, an A9 spokeswoman, declined to say whether the company eventually plans to create its own search technology. She confirmed Amazon plans to use the technology both for its online store and the rest of the Web.

''Having this e-commerce search technology as a separate company is part of Amazon's continuing development from an online retailer to a technology services company,'' she said.

Unlike other Internet search tools, users sign onto with a user name and password from their regular account. A9 also offers an anonymous site that does not require a user name and password.

Source: Chicago Sun


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